Hello again, I'm Saleh.

I'm currently working as a Senior Product Designer at Sendoso where I lead the Financial Platform. I recently helped Sendoso raise a $100 Million Series C funding amassing the total raised amount to more than $150 Million.

I focus on empathy lead design where I try to act as a bridge between the humans and technology so as to make it easy for customers to engage with products intuitively. I enjoy being a generalist with a knack in research, planning, stakeholder collaboration, and prototyping solutions to be tested for usability while keeping all my processes human-centered.

I live life with a growth mindset and centralizing solutions to all problems around empathy and disruptive innovation. I've always had an insiatiable curiosity for industry areas such as financial systems, e-commerce, growth, analytics and data. The curiosity became the reason for me to dive deep into these regions and eventually ended in me leading teams of problem solvers in the aforementioned industry areas.

I believe that learning must never stop no matter how old you are so I am always on the look for some cool courses and certifications that I can pursue. I recently finished a well-curated certification from Google called 'Google UX Design Professional Certificate'. The great thing about this experience was that Design @ Sendoso already uses these processes that Google uses as well. Before that, I did another super cool (and super hard) certification from the University of California San Diego called 'Interaction Design Specialization. I also write about UX, design, and tech on Medium, and I have written for some of the biggest tech blogs such as Muzli, Prototypr, and Bootcamp by UX Collective. I have also been medium's top writer for the design category. I also judge one of the biggest national design competitions at SOFTEC. This is the same competition that I beat, 3 times in a row.